Status Update [4/6/2022]

Here is our third status update, and possibly the last one for a while. Yesterday was our last build meeting, although we may do a bit more work before the practice matches and the competition Thursday-Saturday. What we got done Programming. I think the code has been done for a bit, however, I think there has been a few improvements just making the code better overall. Battery mount. For the longest time, we just sat the battery next to the robot when testing. [Read More]
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Our Blog is Back Up Again!

For the last two weeks, our blog has been down. This was because of some issues we have had with our WordPress host (it was my fault, sort of). The issue came down to me running an Ansible playbook against our VM in Azure. Somehow, this messed something up so that the VM couldn’t boot. Long story short, we now have WordPress running on a Raspberry Pi 3 in my home, with Cloudflare tunnels used to make the site accessible. [Read More]
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