Status Update [4/4/2022]

Here is our second status update. It has been a bit since I posted one because I haven’t been to a build meeting since I got the blog back up until today. What we got done Mounted Shooter. The shooter is now on the robot. We currently do not have a reliable way of getting the shooter. Fold up intake. As the intake reaches out beyond the robot perimeter, we had to work on a way to fold the intake up, but also to be able to lower it at the start of the match. [Read More]

Main Site Down

EDIT: The site is back up. see the thread at for more details. I broke the site again (yes, I know I need to stop doing that). This time, it is the main page ( that is down. I was trying to point the root domain to our WordPress installation, and now the Domain does not resolve. What broke exactly? When changing DNS records in Cloudflare, I managed to get to the point where Cloudflare is giving an empty response from their DNS servers. [Read More]

Our Blog is Back Up Again!

For the last two weeks, our blog has been down. This was because of some issues we have had with our WordPress host (it was my fault, sort of). The issue came down to me running an Ansible playbook against our VM in Azure. Somehow, this messed something up so that the VM couldn’t boot. Long story short, we now have WordPress running on a Raspberry Pi 3 in my home, with Cloudflare tunnels used to make the site accessible. [Read More]
Blog  Update