Team Number Change

TLDR; We changed our teams number recently, their is not practical change because of this. This is a late announcement (almost 2 months late), but back in October, we officaly changed our teams number from FRC-8733 to FRC-538. There is no real benifit to our team for us doing so. However, there are some reasons we made this change. The biggist reason is that it helps back our teams identity. Our teams name is Renaissance which means rebirth. [Read More]

2023's Theme

Saturday at the world championships, the theme for 2023’s competitions was announced. This theme covers all programs by FIRST. The promo video is down below or at

Regionals day 1 [4/7/2022]

Today is the first of three days at the Huntsville City Regionals. We got our pit setup yesterday. Today we did some finishing touches on the robot. We will be updating this post throughout the day. Pits We got to see some cool pits. Here are some pictures. Visits We also had some teams come visit us. (We are unable to recover this image for some reason). Team pictures We got quite a few pictures of our team. [Read More]

Status Update [4/6/2022]

Here is our third status update, and possibly the last one for a while. Yesterday was our last build meeting, although we may do a bit more work before the practice matches and the competition Thursday-Saturday. What we got done Programming. I think the code has been done for a bit, however, I think there has been a few improvements just making the code better overall. Battery mount. For the longest time, we just sat the battery next to the robot when testing. [Read More]
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Status Update [4/4/2022]

Here is our second status update. It has been a bit since I posted one because I haven’t been to a build meeting since I got the blog back up until today. What we got done Mounted Shooter. The shooter is now on the robot. We currently do not have a reliable way of getting the shooter. Fold up intake. As the intake reaches out beyond the robot perimeter, we had to work on a way to fold the intake up, but also to be able to lower it at the start of the match. [Read More]

Main Site Down

EDIT: The site is back up. see the thread at for more details. I broke the site again (yes, I know I need to stop doing that). This time, it is the main page ( that is down. I was trying to point the root domain to our WordPress installation, and now the Domain does not resolve. What broke exactly? When changing DNS records in Cloudflare, I managed to get to the point where Cloudflare is giving an empty response from their DNS servers. [Read More]

Our Blog is Back Up Again!

For the last two weeks, our blog has been down. This was because of some issues we have had with our WordPress host (it was my fault, sort of). The issue came down to me running an Ansible playbook against our VM in Azure. Somehow, this messed something up so that the VM couldn’t boot. Long story short, we now have WordPress running on a Raspberry Pi 3 in my home, with Cloudflare tunnels used to make the site accessible. [Read More]
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Status Update [3/17/2022]

This is the our first status update for the ARS Robotics Program. I hope it goes well. I hope to improve these posts as time goes on. What we got done. Attaching motor for intake. After fiddling around with the intake assembly for a few days, we are finally got the motor mounted. Hopefully we are at a point where we can leave it alone and work on other stuff. Work on flywheel assembly. [Read More]

We Are on the Fediverse!

Note: This is a repost from our old blog. The content of this post is not accurate at the time of reposting. I have set this blog up today with the activitypub plugin for WordPress. With this plugin, WordPress now acts as an activitypub node. This means you can follow our blog from Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendica, HubZilla, Pixelfed, SocialHome, and Misskey (at least according to the plugins page). I do use the phrase “follow our blog” lightly as currently, there is no way to follow our entire blog from one account (see pfefferle/wordpress-activitypub#100). [Read More]

Welcome to Our Blog

This is the official blog for the ARS Robotics Program. Here we will post updates about what we are working on each day. We will also post updates on each competition as they come up. Stay tuned.