Team Number Change

TLDR; We changed our teams number recently, their is not practical change because of this.

This is a late announcement (almost 2 months late), but back in October, we officially changed our teams number from FRC-8733 to FRC-538. There is no real benefit to our team for us doing so. However, there are some reasons we made this change. The biggest reason is that it helps back our teams identity. Our teams name is Renaissance which means rebirth. Our team mentors (Taylor and Drew Whisenant) were mentors for a now retired FRC team, whose number was FRC-538, our new team number. By taking that number (which we would not have been able to get otherwise) means that we are figuratively re-birthing that team. This helps build our team brand (such as it is).

On a more practical note, there is a real world advantage to our number change. Because our new number is lower then then our old number, we are able to get a pit closer to the play field, requiring a shorter walk. While not much of a difference, it still is something. There aren’t any other benefits to our number change.